Boxed pair of Cats pattern ceramic buckets perfect for tapas dishes nibbles & dips

  • £19.99

We now have our really cute pair of Buckets, gift boxed. (pic to be added)

The smaller one is a perfect size for your dips and the larger, great for the nibbles to go with the dips.

Each bucket is ceramic with a stainless steel handle and is dishwasher safe.

The buckets are decorated with our very popular cats pattern  on both sides, with wording of nibbles or dips on both sides meaning it can be seen from both sides if on the centre of the table,

Small bucket measures 5.5cm tall x 8cm across top.

It would be ideal for roughly a yoghurt sized container of dips, also perfect for Jams, pickles or sauces

Large bucket measures 10cm tall x 10cm across top

This larger one is perfect for the nibbles to accompany your dips, would also be good for jams or pickles and may take a small potted plant.

Would make a perfect gift for party hosts, something a little different to the norm!!

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