Cat lovers gift set. 2 x china mugs 2 x china coasters, china milk & sugar set

  • £24.99

Large Red holographic gift box containing

2 bone china cat design mugs, cat chintz pattern all around each mug with many different breeds of cats and kittens

2 cat design bone china coasters

Bone china milk jug with cats design

Bone china lidded sugar container with cats design.

All the items are packed securely into the large red holographic gift box, exactly as the picture shows,

 with the lid tucked neatly underneath

meaning you have a great box once emptied to use for your keepsakes.

As the items extend above the box edges we pack them carefully in place and shrink wrap the box with the lid off.

we then add a fun pawprint label, telling the receiver what exactly is in the box, and that

each item is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Thus making the perfect gift for any cat lover/owner.


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