Cats Bone China Garlic Jar and easy clean garlic crusher gift boxed if required

  • £6.29

Our own cute little bone china garlic jar

measures: 8cm without lid x 9cm wide (approx 12xcm with lid)

Based on a traditional ginger jar shape it has 6 panels around each container,

3 decorated with cute cats and kittens which match a lot of out other kitchen items

and the others with 3 holes in each to allow circulation of air around your garlic.

The jar will hold a good couple of bulbs at least, depending on size of garlic bulbs.

Can be washed in dishwasher.

The garlic crusher/press comes with a removable crushing mesh, (see pic 3) meaning it comes apart to wash

Cleaning has just got easy for these items, they can be a nightmare to keep clean otherwise.

The grill which the garlic is pressed through simply lifts out and drops back into the crushing area once clean.

We have a number of options to choose

1. Garlic jar only

2. Garlic crusher only

3.Garlic jar and garlic crusher

4. Garlic jar and garlic crusher gift boxed.

Choose from the drop down menu which you would like.

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