Chicken egg cup gift set. 4 egg cups & china egg salt and pepper gift tray

  • £14.99

This lovely black gift tray holds a beautiful breakfast set.

Set consists of 4 white egg cups decorated front and back with our very popular colourful chickens (1 duplicate as there are only 6 different chickens)

and a bone china 2 part egg shaped salt and pepper set, decorated with chickens top and bottom of the egg cruet sets.

The egg is in 2 halves, top being the pepper pot, which sits neatly on the lower part which is the salt pot.

Making it a neat tidy cruet set for any table and space saving in the cupboard.

The complete set is packed into the strong box, with a supporting framework to hold each item firmly in place

and make it a perfect gift

We also add a label (see pic 2) to the insert

just so the recipient knows that the items are dishwasher and microwave safe.

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