Dog lovers oil burner gift set paw shape melts, tealights,2 x yankee wax melts

Dog lovers oil burner gift set paw shape melts, tealights,2 x yankee wax melts

  • £17.84

A new addition to our very popular dogs  range,

perfect for any friend or family member.

Our own Bone China Oil burner measuring approx 8cm tall x 8cm across

(Colour and position of dogs on burner may vary slightly as they are hand decorated)

being made of bone china it will glow beautifully when lit

adding an extra dimension to the attractiveness of it.

The Burner is packed into a black gift tray, along with all that is needed for use and

an instruction leaflet for those who have never used a burner

The oil burner's neat tidy shape, the wider base makes it very stable.

It also has small holes around the top to let out the excess heat.

The smaller  reservoir means you can change the fragrance more often, or use

less of the wax melts.

 Along with the burner we have added a tub of paw shaped wax melts, lightly scented,

 2 x Yankee Candle wax melt in "Vanilla cupcake" and "Fresh cut roses" fragrances

and 2 standard tea lights, Full instructions for use in the leaflet

inside the tray so it is an ideal gift for someone who has never used one.

The tray, along with the contents will be sent shrink wrapped, see pic 2

to ensure it gets to you safely and can then be given as a gift

without any difficult wrapping.  

Once open and inner support and contents removed the tray is ideal to store the bits and pieces you need for your burner

It will make it a perfect gift

If using Yankee wax tarts, or large melts please break them up and only use

part at a time, if you put too much in at once it will overflow when melted

(Please ensure you use standard size tealights, the 4hr burn ones)





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