Mini bone china bath with bomb cosmetics bath bombs ideal soap dish, bits dish

  • £11.82

One of our very popular products a really cute item, we now have a bath!!

Made from bone china this lovely white bath would fit into any bathroom or bedroom.

Filled with beautiful smelling bath bombs,

it would make really cute novelty gift.

When a friend complains that they "don't have a bath"

why not buy them one, the bath bombs could be used to scent

their undies drawer whilst the bath can take pride of place on the shelf

in the bathroom or bedroom and be used to hold soap,

pot pourri or knick-knacks.

it measures just 15cm long and stands 10cm tall when

packed with bath bombs.

Each bath contains

2 x Bomb cosmetics Raspberry riptide bath mallows


5 large Heart shaped pink and white chill pills (may vary, subject to availabilty)

The bath is shrink wrapped for safe transportation to you, and the label is on

the outside of the wrapping, so won't mark the product.

Probably the cheapest bath you will find!!!!!!!