Nature Mugs set of 6 boxed. Choose asstd or individual fox. badger, hedgehog

  • £19.85


Set of 6 lovely bone china mugs with a different animals  

You have the choice of a 4 different sets:

Set 1 - 2 of each - Fox,Badger, Hedgehog

Set 2 - 6 matching Hedgehog

Set 3 - 6 matching Fox

Set 4 - 6 Matching Badger

Each set will consist of 6 mugs with your choice of design.

choose from the drop down menu which animal of the 3

or the asstd set with 2 of each

The set of 6 mugs is packed into a black gift tray and shrink wrapped

making it a lovely gift for anyone.

Mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe

Each mug holds 10oz

Each mug measures 10.25cm tal x 7.5cm dia

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