Owls Bone China Oil Burner idealfor wax melts, essential oils or yankee tarts.

  • £10.31

The latest addition to our expanding range

Our own Bone China Oil burner.

The photo says it all, a cute Mum and Baby owl on  a branch, in a choice of 2 colourways

Choose either the Green and Yellow characters, or the

Mauve and Lilac ones, with each and printed here

in our own studios, and the burners made in our own workshop,

so they cannot be found anywhere else.

This fun little  burner is made from fine bone china,

meaning when the tea light is lit the container will glow as bone china

is a translucent material.

The neat tidy shape is wider at the base making it more stable.

It also has small holes around the top to let out the excess heat.

the fragrance for a truly wonderful experience!!

The smaller  reservoir means you can change the fragrance more often, or use

less of the wax melts.

If using Yankee wax tarts, or large melts please break them up and only use

part at a time, if you put too much in at once it will overflow when melted

(Please ensure you use standard size tealights, the 4hr burn ones)

Burner measures approx.

8.5cm tall

9cm at its widest