White ceramic buckets in a choice of 3 sizes - 100's of uses for each size bucket

  • £3.99

These porcelain buckets, each with a metal handle have a wide range of uses, ideal for nibbles and dips, using the smallest for the dip and the other 2 for nibbles or bread sticks.  The 2 smaller sizes are perfect for used teabags, used teabag holder  with the large one being ideal for small kitchen scraps, especially when heading for the compost bin. Some of our customers use them for growing herbs on the kitchen window sill, others stand cutlery in them in. Robust and practical, dishwasher safe and invaluable in any kitchen.

Small bucket -  5.5cm tall x 8cm across top

Medium bucket - 9.5cm tall x 10cm across top

Large bucket - 12cm tall x 11cm across top

They also stack inside each other when not in use so save space in the kitchen cupboard.

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